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Reims, only 1.5 hours from Paris, is worth visiting for many reasons! Firstly, because it houses many jewels and relics from French history, but also because it is not lacking in charm and character.

The Remois relics

Use your stay at the Brit Hotel Aux Sacres to discover the city of Reims’ collection of architectural relics.

The Notre-Dame Cathedral

The Cathedral of the Kings of France is one of the most beautiful in France. A Gothic masterpiece, it is not to miss during a visit to Reims.  It is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

The Palais du Tau

Also a UNESCO World Heritage Site, this sublime palace was the archbishops’ residence in the 12th century. Today it houses the Museum of Notre-Dame.

Reims’ museums

Use your trip to visit the museums of Reims as well.

The Museum of the Beaux-Arts

The Museum of the Beaux-Arts of Reims is considered as one of the most beautiful in France. It exhibits paintings from the 15th to the 20th centuries.

Le Phare de Verzenay - the Museum of the Vine

Come and discover the secrets of champagne manufacturing in this museum.

Porte Mars

4 monumental arches were built around the year 200 in the city of Reims. Porte Mars is the last arch to have survived.